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Luceat's singers have a wealth of choral experience, having all been involved in regular liturgical commitments as well as participating in tours throughout Europe, Asia and the US. As such, the choir is able to offer a range of services for private bookings such as weddings, funerals, or private functions. If you are interested in any of the above or have any general enquiries please do get in touch via the contact form below:

Luceat contacts


Chairman and Director: James Fellows

General Secretary: Jack Culbert

Treasurer: Rhys Harries

Marketing & Publicity Director: Beatrix Swanson Scott

Social Secretary: Rebecca Sarginson

Associate Director: Daniel Mathieson

Organists: Dan Mathieson, Rory Moules, Alex Palotai

Co-founder (ex officio): Rory Moules

Webmaster: Matthias Olson

Graphics and Videography: Sebastian Dows-Miller




John Liggins: President (ex officio)

Nicholas Fellows: Development Director

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