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TOUR BLOG DAY 5 - Friday, 16.08. - The One Where The Choir Stay In

Finally, a day off! After coming to terms with the fact that it was going to pour non-stop all day, plans were hatched at the Fun House. First off, we breakfasted at our favourite cafe (the cathedral refectory, of course), and then, as the inaugural Luceat Sandcastle-Building Competition was sadly never going to happen, the inaugural Great Luceat Bake-Off commenced!

After gathering supplies at Tesco for baking and an indoor barbecue lunch (whilst some choir members sourced sensible ingredients such as eggs and heavy cream, Jim contributed bright green icing..), we headed back to the house to begin. Dan revealed a talent for grilling burgers, Becky and Suzie crafted a Victoria sponge with the unusual filling of strawberry jam and clotted cream, I bemoaned that my favourites scones recipe wouldn’t rise in this new oven, and those not involved in food preparation watched the thriller tv series The Haunting of Hill House.

After filling up on the fruits of Jim and Dan’s barbecuing labours, we continued our indoor afternoon activities - Rory diligently practised some Schubert (beneath a painting inexplicably signed by someone of the same name as the composer), many continued to binge-watch, and the core baking team set to work decorating the Victoria sponge with fondant icing (I’m particularly proud of my icing staves and the obscured ‘a new chamber choir’ banner wrapped around the front of the cake). Soon enough, the group came together to gorge themselves on a rather spectacular afternoon tea.

In the evening, there was a motion to head to the pub, and, small group by small group, we braved the rain to walk down the narrow country road to our atmospherically timbered local. It was a fittingly cozy, if slightly damp, way to end the Great Choir Day In.

- Beatrix (Sop 1, Director of Marketing & Publicity)

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