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Behind-the-scenes Interview with Daniel Mathieson

Marketing Director Beatrix Swanson Scott interviews our Associate Director.

BSS: Tell us about your role in Luceat and what you’ve enjoyed working on with the group so far.

DM: As Associate Director, I accompany the choir for the majority of Luceat’s services and other projects. I joined for the second visit to Peterborough in summer 2018 and had a great week playing the organ in the cathedral there. I really enjoyed getting to know the instrument over the course of the week. You might also see me singing in the choir occasionally or hunched over a harpsichord with a tuning hammer moments before a concert…

BSS: What about outside Luceat? Tell us a bit about your day-to-day musical life and experience.

DM: I have just finished a year working in the music department at Radley College, near Oxford, so I’m very lucky that music is actually my job as well. I’m about to go back to Oxford for a Masters at Worcester College, as well as working with the choir there during term.

BSS: What’s on your to-do list in terms of preparing for Luceat’s summer projects?

DM: At the moment, every time I open my laptop, there’s another bit of proof-reading to work through, be it a single psalm or an entire recording booklet. I’ve also just finished transcribing all the chant for the recording, as well as a few bits we will be using in Truro as well. There is also the small matter of brushing up the accompaniments!

BSS: Is there a piece you’re particularly looking forward to?

DM: I’m looking forward to the Vierne Messe Solenelle, which we are singing for the Sunday Eucharist at Truro. It’s a really fun piece and will work really well in that space. For the recording, I’m looking forward to Andrea Rota’s ‘Gaudeamus omnes’, a piece that Jim and I discovered last year and there are no recordings of yet. We have made a new edition of it for the recording and should be a great opener for the disc!

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